Here’s how all of the ranks work in Teamfight Tactics

By Steven Rondina


Apr 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Teamfight Tactics is different from many games in that it lets players immediately jump into ranked matchmaking without any kind of hurdle or practice required. Combined with the fact that Teamfight Tactics has its own sizable community separate from the main League of Legends fandom, and many new players are left wondering just how the game’s ranked system works.

With that in mind, it’s worth discussing the Teamfight Tactics ranked system. Here’s how it works, how to climb the ladder, and how long players will have to spend scrambling for the top.

What are the ranks in Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics’ ranking system works the same way as in League of Legends and uses the same ranked categories. The rankings from highest to lowest are as follows:

  1. Challenger
  2. Grandmaster
  3. Master
  4. Diamond
  5. Platinum
  6. Gold
  7. Silver
  8. Bronze
  9. Iron

Hidden within most ranks are individual tiers. For example, Silver players start at Silver IV and need to work their way up to Silver I. Once they ascend from there, they rank into Gold IV and start the journey anew.

Players ranked gold and higher earn rewards at the end of each ranked season.

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How do you gain ranks in TFT?

As one would expect, players gain ranks in Teamfight Tactics by performing well in ranked matchmaking. But things work a bit differently than in League of Legends when it comes to climbing the ranked ladder. Instead of wins and losses counting towards rank as in most online multiplayer games, players gain and lose LP based on exactly where they rank at the end of each game of Teamfight Tactics. 

Placing in the top four of a game will give players LP, with the first-place finisher getting the most points. Similarly, anyone that places outside the top four will lose points. Fifth place only loses some, while eighth place takes a harder hit.

Once a player earns 100 LP in a given rank, they will move up to the next rank. On the flipside, if they are sitting at 0 LP and lose points, they may drop down a rank and be forced to work their way back up.

The grandmaster and challenger ranks work differently. The top ranks in Teamfight Tactics only admit a certain number of players at a time, and those that don’t stay active can see their placement decay. The number of players that reach these ranks varies depending on the region, as its relative to the size of the server being played on.

How long do ranked seasons last in TFT?

Ranked seasons in Teamfight Tactics are tied to the release of a new set. Sets and seasons have typically lasted around four months to this point in Teamfight Tactics’ history.

At the end of the season, a player’s rank is functionally reset and they will have to climb the ladder once again. This stems from how Teamfight Tactics’ sets work, with all the established champions and mechanics being thrown out in favor of an almost entirely new game.


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