Here’s a guaranteed way to figure out today’s Wordle answer

By Steven Rondina


Jun 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Desperately looking to keep your Wordle streak going? Here’s how to instantly figure out what today’s Wordle answer is.

Wordle is a game that might as well be specifically designed for bragging to your friends. That can come in a few forms, including figuring out the day’s word in three turns compared to a friend’s five, or getting the right answer every day for months in a row.

The game is merciless, though. Even after getting every answer right for months, there’s no built-in safety net if a player finds themselves with CO_ES on guess six and D, M, and P still on the board. It’s still fair, unlike Absurdle, but it’s also scary at times.

There is a way to cheat the system, though. Here’s how to find out what’s the Wordle answer today without risking your streak.

How to cheat in Wordle to find out what’s today’s answer

Players can instantly find out what today’s Wordle answer is by using a second browser, or opening up an incognito browser.

Wordle doesn’t use any kind of log-in and instead tracks a player’s experience in the game with a cookie. This makes it easy to get started on the game, but can prevent progress for players who use multiple devices to play Wordle. The good news for players who don’t mind cheating is that this opens up the door for players to artificially pad their numbers and maintain their winning streaks.

For players who play Wordle on a PC, this is most easily done by opening up an incognito or private browser tab. Each major browser has a different name for this, with Microsoft Edge referring to these tabs as InPrivate, Google Chrome calling them Incognito, and Safari and Firefox calling them Private Browsing.

By opening up a new window that doesn’t use the same cookies, players effectively scout what the word is. This can be done by testing words, or even just putting in the same word six times to be given the answer outright. From there, players can simply open the game normally in the same browser that contains their saved progress and input the correct word.

This is clearly cheating, but it is effective and can’t actually be detected by the game. Or by your competitive friends.


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