Here is how Valorant account leveling works in patch 3.0

Fariha Bhatti • June 23, 18:04

Players will now get rewarded for playing Valorant all day and night. 

Patch 3.0 has brought tons of modifications to the Valorant ranking system, agents, and weapons. The heavy updates enshrouded a whole new feature coming to Valorant that will compensate for the time spent on the game. 

“A new way to recognize and reward you for your time playing in all VALORANT game modes—even retroactively! Your account Player Card will now display a numeric level based on how much you play, which goes up the more time you put in,” Valorant senior designer Jon “EvrMoar” Walker said. 

With the account leveling feature, players will be able to flex a badge to display their Valorant loyalty level. The levels will be found in numerics in the form of a border around the in-game player card. The numbers will show the amount of time you have spent playing Valorant. This border will change every 20 account levels and leave you with a way to visualize and rep the time you’ve spent in-game. 

Account levelling border will incorporate hours spend in any Valoranr game mode, not just competitive. Whether you play Spike Rush, Escalation, Unrated, or Deathmatch, all playtime will contribute to your overall Valorant level. 

How to level up in Valorant?

To level up your account will need to get Account Points, also called Valorant AP. 

  • You earn AP by playing matches.
  • The amount of AP you gain per match is based on the duration and results of the game.
  • You will also be rewarded a bonus AP for your first win of the day.
  • AP only goes toward your Account Level and does not contribute to your Battlepass or Agent Contract XP.

At the end of a match, the AP you earned goes toward your account level, which will appear on your Player card as an evolving Account Level border. Your account level goes up with every 5,000 AP you earn. As your account levels up, so does your account level border.

Fortunately for players who’ve been grinding Valorant since the beta version, the game will be taking the time spent previously into account before unlocking the initial level. Your level border will display the AP you’ve earned throughout your time playing Valorant since the release. Once the initial AP boost is given, you will make AP normally, as detailed above.


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