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Here is every horse Pokemon through Pokemon Sword and Shield

by | Jun 10, 2021

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Reading Time: 3 min.

Pokemon designs are inspired by a wide variety of animals and objects in our world. Pikachu is based on a mouse, Piplup is based on a penguin, and Chandelure is, well, based on a fancy lighting fixture.

One animal that pops up a lot in the Pokemon franchise is the horse. Through the generations, there have been many popular horse-like Pokemon and for the most part, they inhabit a special place in the hearts of Pokemon fans. Here are all the horse Pokemon that have come out through generation eight. 



You can’t make a list of horse Pokemon without the OG, Ponyta. Part of the first 150, this fire-type horse Pokemon is one of the most recognizable on the list. It has a mane made of flickering flames and a fierce expression to match.

Ponyta was later given a makeover in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Galarian Ponyta turns Ponyta’s mane to a cotton candy-inspired pastel pink and blue. It’s also given a unicorn horn alongside new psychic typing. 


This is Ponyta’s evolution, also introduced in Pokemon Red & Blue. Rapidash is clearly much larger and also features a sharp horn on its head. Rapidash is also more intense in design, shedding any wholesomeness in exchange for a very muscular and strong appearance. Galarian Rapidash is one of the most majestic Pokemon in the whole game. 


This is the first, and to this point only, mythical horse Pokemon! Keldeo is small but has a bold design that makes it hard to ignore. Keldeo has a bright orange mane and is multi-colored blue all over. Keldeo has two forms, with a normal form and an empowered Resolute form that comes out if the Pokemon has learned the move Sacred Sword. 

Hapu vs. Team Skull | Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends | Official Clip


This giant horse is the evolution of Mudbray. And we’re not joking. Mudsdale is HUGE, weighing an astonishing 2,028 pounds that make it one of the biggest and heaviest pokemon of all. That’s fitting though, as Mudsdale is based on a Clydesdale, a particularly large breed of horse that is known for the bushy fur around their hooves.  As the “mud” portion of its name would suggest, the Pokemon is a ground type and boasts some incredible bulkiness.



Pokemon Sword and Shield introduced not one, but two legendary horse Pokemon. Glastrier first appeared as part of the Crown Tundra DLC, getting Pokemon fans’ attention with its icicle-inspired mane and glacier-looking hooves. The ice-type Pokemon is heavily armored, giving it a very aggressive and intense look. It also has incredibly high defenses and a strong ability that combine to make it a serious threat. 


You probably noticed there are two horse-like Pokemon in the picture above. The other is Spectrier, another legendary that was introduced simultaneously. Players who download the Crown Tundra have to choose whether they get the defensively focused Glastrier or the quick, hard-hitting Spectrier Instead of being icy and white, Spectrier is dark black and purple with floating, ghost-like hooves. The spooky appearance really gives up ghost-type vibes. 

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