Here are the top 5 Roblox games to try in 2022

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 27, 2021

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Roblox has a lot more to offer than memes and laughs. Community-created mods and games are cutthroat, addictive, and loads of fun.

Roblox is a classic game that has grown into a blockbuster among players despite new competitors rolling in with better visuals. Players keep returning to Roblox’s cute, angular block characters thanks to its growing catalog of fan-made games. It’s not your regular storefront. Players get to play games made by other developers who are also frequent users of the platform. 

What are the best games on Roblox?

As of this writing, the Roblox game library has over 20 million games with distinctive themes, backgrounds, and visuals. New mods continue to enter the extensive library, bringing more unique options for dedicated players. Here are a handful of the best Roblox games out of many, covering a variety of genres.

Anime Fighting Simulator

Regardless of whether you’re an anime fan, this Roblox game has something for everyone. Players can customize their characters, get some skins, and shop special packs to fight scary bosses in style. There’s also a dojo where players can strategize and practice their moves. 

Squid Game 

Netflix’s battle royale hit Squid Game is pretty popular in the gaming community and has spawned homages in multiple titles, including Roblox. Since the release, skilled devs have whipped up mods and homages to the viral TV show for fans to try out. Roblox currently has plenty of Squid Game servers, with varying degrees of accuracy to the show. Many of them are worth trying out, with the common theme of being scarier, deadlier versions of childrens’ games. 

Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2 is one of the best Roblox games ever created, and its popularity is proof of that. Evident from the name, players are required to develop parks of their own on empty land in this game that was heavily inspired by 1999 classic RollerCoaster Tycoon. The best park generates more revenue, which can later be used to expand and prop up the location. 


Roblox’s community designers were talented enough to bring the popular battle royale PUBG to the angular universe. Like the original version, players are spawned into an arena through an airplane, where they must forage for supplies, engage in duels, and outlast the competition to win. Every player is equipped with death-dealing weapons, making it a cutthroat and intense game. 

Tower Defense Simulator

Many would hold up Tower Defense Simulator as one of the best Roblox games thanks to its mix of action and strategy. Players can team up with friends to fight hordes of zombies, defeat bosses, earn coins, level up, and buy new towers. Players need to fortify their base and keep enemies away for as long as possible.

And if you’re looking for a boost to your Roblox game, don’t forget that it helps to have some Roblox codes on hand, especially for newer players to the game.


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