Take a peak at the 7 new Genshin Impact characters from Sumeru

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A surge of leaks related to upcoming nation of Sumeru may have spoiled all the new Genshin Impact characters in the region.

Leaked information has revealed seven new Sumeru characters in Genshin Impact. The images depict several playable characters including some that were previously hinted at. Their models seem to be almost completed and many even have unique idle animations. The Sumeru update could come to Genshin Impact even sooner than fans think.

The leaks were shared by multiple dataminers, but Genshin Mains was one of the first accounts to post the information. The leaker posted images as well as videos depicting the seven new characters. Given the quality of the models and the numerous animations, it’s more likely that these are legitimate rather than well-crafted fakes.

New Sumeru characters revealed in Genshin Impact leaks

One of the most important images was a group photo of new Genshin Impact characters that are allegedly from Sumeru. The image shows seven new characters that have not appeared in-game. Their distinct character designs suggest that they are from Sumeru. The South Asian-inspired region will be the fourth nation added to Teyvat.

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The leak detailed that the depicted characters all have official names already. Their unofficial names are listed below, ordered from left to right.

  • Tighnari 
  • Collei 
  • Dehya 
  • Al Haitham 
  • Nilou 
  • Dori 
  • Nahida

One character notably matches up with previous leaks and hints from Hoyoverse. Some leakers have previously posted images depicting a gray-haired man with green clothing. Those previous leaks match up with Al Haitham, including the green vision on his chest. He could play a major role in the Sumeru story, which will likely focus on dendro archon Lesser Lord Kusanali.


It’s difficult to tell exactly what element of vision each character wields, but Sumeru will introduce the seventh and final element to the game in dendro. Nahida on the right also has a visible dendro vision, and there will probably be way more than two in the new nation.


Lastly, the leaks also included several images of Sumeru itself. It appears to be a mix of islands and jungle along with ornate architecture. The leaked intro trailer did not seem to show the capital city, but it did show new collectible flowers and some strange-looking scenery. Genshin Impact fans can get an official look at the new Sumeru characters and locations when update 3.0 gets closer.


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