Here are the most banned LoL champions in patch 10.14

By Melany Moncada


Jul 15, 2020

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The ban rates in solo queue tell a compelling story, as they reveal which champions are considered OP and which champion players are just plain sick of dealing with.

The list of most banned LoL champions changes with every patch. Priorities change and champions get nerfed into oblivion. But one sure thing is that someone will always want to ban Yasuo. 

Most banned champions in update 10.14

At lower elo ratings, typically condiered platinum and below, the meta is very different from the meta seen in high elo and pro play. In the lower levels, players go for comfort picks regardless of which champions are strong in a given patch. Unless a champion gets a critical nerf, players feel inclined to stick to what they’re most comfortable with.

Despite those differences, the banned champions in 10.14 are some of the most popular in pro play.


Darius is the go-to option for many top laners that are learning the game. Darius has a combo that’s easy to execute, and players that want to fight find in Darius a safe pick. In patch 10.6, Darius got some nerfs, but he is still performing well and is the most banned LoL champion in patch 10.14.


Every solo queue player has a horror story with a Yasuo on their team. It’s not surprising that the Unforgiven is so high on the ban list. Yasuo is a flex pick that can go top, mid, or even bot. Solo queue players are having none of it however, and Yasuo has a 45% ban rate in patch 10.14. Yasuo is one of those champions that you want to keep from your opponents, but also from your teammates.

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Despite getting a free Volibear skin, players were largely disappointed with the ursine champion’s rework. While it looked good, the champion lacked any significant damage, so players passed on it. The following patch, Volibear got some major buffs and became a must-pick in pro play. Volibear is getting some respect in solo queue now, and is banned 31% of the time.


Yuumi has stolen Teemo’s spot as the most hated champion in the game. Such is the hate for the Magical Cat that players campaigned to get it removed from the game. Riot clarified that it wouldn’t be removing Yuumi from the game, but did offer that some further nerfs were necessary to properly balance the champion. After the nerfs received in patch 10.13, Yuumi’s ban rate went from 65% to 31%.


It feels like Riot doesn’t know what to do with Aphelios. This champion gets nerf after nerf and still is unstoppable in pro play. Aphelios will receive even more nerfs in patch 10.15 in a final attempt to curb that champion’s consistent presence at the game’s highest level. With a 38% ban rate in solo queue, Aphelios is the one marksman players don’t want to see opposing them on Summoner’s Rift.


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