Apex Legends season 12 rotation

Here are all the maps in the Apex Legends Season 12 rotation

By Fariha Bhatti


May 29, 2022

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Apex Legends Season 12’s ranked split has been wildly competitive. Here are all the maps in the ranked mode of Defiance.

Apex Legends has four battle royale maps that play a significant role in each match. The developer introduced a unique map rotation system that shuffles these locations between each season. This system allows competitive players to be familiar with their surroundings each time the rank resets. Thanks to the regular shuffles, Apex Legends’ map pool remains fresh despite limited maps. 

Like any other season, Defiance came with two ranked splits with a static map for each. After skipping on three-map rotation for season 11, Apex Legends returned to exciting format for Defiance, first introduced in season 10

What are the maps in Apex Legends Season 12 rotation?

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Players dropped exclusively into Olympus for the first week of the season, after which Storm Point and Kings Canyon were added into the rotation.

Top-notch gunplay coupled with tough legends has made Apex Legends one of the fan-favorite battle royale games. But while the game is cut-throat and challenging, it can be a tad boring for veteran players due to its subpar map rotation. Previously, players could only play two maps per season. But that changed in season 10. Developer Respawn brought back the three-map rotation in Apex Legends Season 12, Defiance.

The Apex Legends Season 12 map rotation included three maps: Olympus, Storm Point, and King Canyons. This means that World’s Edge was shelved.

The two other maps remain the same, but Olympus went under major shakeups prior to season 12. A sabotaged Olympus was introduced in Defiance, with a much larger area and space for rotation. 

What happened to Olympus in Defiance?

Respawn made some significant changes to Olympus for the Apex Legends Season 12 rotation. Before Mad Maggie entered the ranks, the map experienced major destruction, resulting in an expanded play area. 

A large Phase Driver was placed between Bonsai and Hydroponics, creating new combat opportunities. The new POI is also interactive, so players can gain high-tier loot from it. Players must be aware that it makes an audible revving noise when interacted with, which may alert your enemies. A new terminal, the connector between Hydroponics and Phase Driver, has also been added. 

The addition of new interactive toys like Phase Driver and Terminal was made possible by expanding the size of the overall map location. Considering the larger play area, Olympus has now turned into a whole new battleground, ultimately changing how this map is played in ranked splits. 


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