Hangzhou Spark defeat Shanghai Dragons at Los Angeles Homestand

Olivia Richman • August 25, 22:20

Hangzhou Spark cemented their title as one of the top Chinese teams in the Overwatch League by beating the Shanghai Dragons 4-0 at the Los Angeles Valiant’s Homestand Weekend. 

In the first two maps, Kyeong “Godsb” Bo Kim completely dominated as Widowmaker. With only two deaths, Godsb got headshot after headshot, often eliminating the Dragons’ Orisa before they put up their barrier. On Volskaya, Dragon’s Min-seong “diem” Bae switched to Widowmaker in hopes of stopping Godsb’s reign of terror. But Godsb was able to stop that plan in its tracks after finding diem crouched behind a corner. 

“It wasn’t my best Widowmaker,” Godsb told WIN.gg after the match. “I didn’t have much time to warm up.” 

The third map went similarly for the two Chinese teams. Hollywood is one of the Dragons’ worst maps this season as they sport a 0-7-1 record on it. While they showed some potential, the Spark made sure the Dragons continued their losing streak with a clean win. 

In a post-match press conference, the Spark opened up about their thoughts on the upcoming playoffs and their plans for the 2020 season. 

How did this weekend compare to Dallas’ Homestand Weekend? 

Godsb: Dallas was a new start to the homestand concept. This weekend, we’re still in Los Angeles. It feels a lot more familiar. 

Will the team be doing anything during their time off before the playoffs? 

Lee “Mask” Mu-ho, head coach: We aren’t going to be taking a break. We will be practicing with the new meta. 

For the first time, the playoffs will have double elimination. What are your thoughts on that system? 

Mask: It’s a fair system. It gives teams another chance to make up for a loss. 

How is the team feeling about 2-2-2 now that Stage 4 is over? 

Ho-jin “iDK” Park: The version before was much better. There was more room for players to make their own choices. 

How are you feeling about the new meta with Sigma? 

Mask: Every time has their own win condition with the new meta. We are trying our best to fit in to our own meta. 

What is your opinion on the touring schedule for 2020? 

Mask: We are going to do our best. Before the games start, we will be paying more attention to the game content in practices. When the games start, we want to pay more attention to the players’ conditions. 

How important is it for the team to play in China? 

Xu “guxue” Qiulin: As one of the best Chinese teams, it’s really important for us to play in China. 


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