Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite fans explode as couch co-op mode canceled

By Olivia Richman


Sep 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Halo Infinite developers are under fire for canceling the once-promised split-screen “couch” co-op update.

Halo Infinite has been slow to deliver on its updates, leaving fans of the series frustrated. It’s been a year since its release and the game is only on its second season. During those seasons, the updates have been regarded by many as underwhelming.

Developers decided to provide an update recently in an attempt to pacify the frustrated community. This did little to quiet the furor regarding the lack of a feature that some say should’ve been available at launch.

Halo Infinite fans angry at couch co-op being cancelled, season 3 delay

According to the developers’ recent update, Season 2’s road map will end on November 8. Despite this, season 3 won’t arrive until March 2023. Meanwhile, couch co-op has been cancelled entirely.

Developers announced some big plans for the end of season 2, however. This includes two in-game events, one in December and one in January, as well as a new game mode.

Season 3 will be called Echoes Within. There will be a new Arenas map and a new Big Team Battle map. A new battle pass, weapon, and equipment will also arrive. While some of these updates are exciting, players noticed something major missing from the roadmap. Halo Infinite developers have confirmed that campaign co-op mode was pushed back once again.

Couch co-op was one of the big draws of Halo Infinite since it brought back nostalgic memories of playing the earlier Halo games with friends at each other’s house. The decision to scrap couch co-op has left the community disappointed in the lackluster game along with the lack of content and updates over the next six months.


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