Hades 2

Hades 2 announced at 2022 Game Awards

By Nicholas James


Dec 8, 2022

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The successor to the smash-hit roguelike game Hades has been announced, with Hades 2 getting a full gameplay reveal trailer at the 2022 Game Awards.

Hades was one of the biggest video game successes of 2018, a Greek mythology-themed roguelike in which the son of Hades, Zagreus, fought his way through the greek underworld in order to visit the realm of the living and see his mother once more. The sequel has been announced at the 2022 Game Awards, seeming to focus on the daughter of Hades and her quest to kill the titan Chronos.

Hades 2 trailer revealed at 2022 Game Awards

In the Hades 2 trailer, we see a young woman wearing the same iconic laurels as Zagreus in the first game fighting with a mysterious witch-like woman in a field with stone henges and mysterious markings.

As the witch strikes her down, she is helped back up to her feet, and their relationship is revealed to be cordial, with the witch training the young demigod. The young woman has the same astigmatic eyes as Zagreus in the games, and the gameplay reveal includes more Greek gods like Moros, Nemesis, and Apollo.

In the trailer the young woman takes up the reins of Zagreus’ iconic gameplay from the first game, running, dashing, and slashing her way through Greek mythology-themed environments and enemies. At the end of the trailer, we see a chained Hades, and hear a description of the main enemy of the game. It seems that Hades 2 will involve a hunt for the titan of time, one of the predecessors of the Greek gods and the father of Zeus, Hades, and others. With Hades chained by the titan of time, it seems to be up to his daughter to rescue him.

Hades 2 is currently in development at Supergiant Games, with no announced release date.


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