GTA Online weekly content from May 18 to 24

By Fariha Bhatti


May 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Rockstar has shared brand new content coming to GTA Online on May 18. 

GTA Online weekly events are intended to keep the game fresh and entertaining for old-timers, who are always on the lookout for more money and bonuses. Players who complete these weekly missions can earn rewards such as in-game currency, experience points, unique items, or cosmetic upgrades for their characters. 

For this week, Rockstar is focusing heavily on cars and vehicles, providing automobile enthusiasts with a golden opportunity to stack up their garages. 

GTA Online weekly update – May 18

GTA Online

Rockstar introduces a new reset every week. This week’s reset begins on May 18 and runs till May 24. Here’s everything in the latest GTA Online weekly event. 

Players can earn up to 3x GTA$ just this week by doing seven new jobs.

  • 3x GTA$ & RP on Auto Shop Jobs
  • 3x GTA$ & RP on Robbery Contracts
  • 3x GTA$ & RP on The 7 New Community Jobs
  • 2x on Car Meet Reputation
  • 2x GTA$ & RP on Vehicle Vendetta
  • 2x GTA$ & RP on Exotic Exports

Podium and Prize Ride challenge vehicles 

Obey Tailgate S: Take your daily spin with the lucky wheel for your chance to win the Obey Tailgate S, which generally costs $1,495,000 from Legendary Motorsport.

Übermacht Cypher: Can be unlocked by placing in the top 1 in 4 Street Race Series races as the Prize Ride, which normally costs $1,550,000 from Legendary Motorsport. This Cypher comes wrapped in the Xero: Team Xero livery.

This week at Simeon’s auto shop

Five more cars are available to purchase and test drive this week at Simeon’s auto shop.

  • Dinka Blista Kanjo 
  • Dinka Jester RR
  • Vulcar Warrener HKR
  • Annis Remus 
  • Pfister Comet S2

GTA Online discounts & offers (30% off)

  • Auto Shop Property, Upgrades, and Modifications
  • Vapid Dominator ASP
  • Dinka RT3000
  • Pfister Comet S2
  • Maibatsu Penumbra FF

GTA Online Time Trials This Week

  • HSW Time Trial: Ron Alternates.
  • RC Time Trial: Davis Quartz.
  • Time Trial: Mount Gordo


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