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GTA 6 trailer recreated in GTA 5 proves how far Rockstar has come

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 28, 2023

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A talented player has recreated the GTA 6 trailer in GTA 5, and while it looks pretty great, it shows how far Rockstar has come. 

When Rockstar dropped the GTA 6 trailer early in December, it rocked the entire gaming community, garnering 100 million views within 24 hours. The iconic trailer with Vice City scenery and Bonnie and Clyde’s theme was on beat with previous GTA games but also had a freshness to it. Now, a player has recreated the trailer in GTA 5. 

A modder named RavenwestR1 posted the recreation to YouTube, garnering a positive reaction from fans. While fans lauded the creator for the replica, they couldn’t help but point out how far Rockstar has come in terms of realistic graphics and rendering design. 

The modder did a great job of copying everything to the dot. Even time stamps and audio matched the original trailer. The fact that he recreated a trailer set in Vice City within Los Santos is an achievement in itself. But the GTA 5 visuals were still there. 

Comparing it to the GTA 6 trailer shows how well-developed and realistic the upcoming game would be. While the character design didn’t look much different, the scenery in GTA 6 is as realistic as a video game can get. The recreated trailer missed key visuals that may have been difficult to replicate in GTA 5 visuals. 

The GTA 5 recreation featured scenes from the club, the reels, and the infamous Florida Joker in a different avatar. For a recreation in GTA 5, it’s undoubtedly a masterpiece.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is set in the fictional state of San Andreas, which includes three fictional cities. The main city featured in the game is Los Santos, a fictional representation of Los Angeles.


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