GTA 6 trailer poster

GTA 6 trailer accumulates over 60M views in less than a day

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Rockstar Games has officially unveiled the GTA 6 trailer, setting the community ablaze. 

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is easily Rockstar’s greatest work and one of the top-selling games in history. So, when GTA 6 was teased, it naturally opened a floodgate of theories, reports, rumors, and even leaks, some of which were accurate and some of which were taken down. 

Many thought the leaks would dampen the official reveal, but that’s not the case. Since the trailer dropped, it has garnered 65M views. It’s worth noting here that the GTA 5 trailer had 97M views in a decade, and the GTA 6 hit the 50M mark within 15 hours. 

GTA 6 location, protagonist, setting, and more 

The GTA 6 trailer is set in contemporary Miami City and is filled with fads and trends. From the language to the clothing, everything screams modern utopia. There’s fresh music, social media culture is booming, and a lot of twerking. 

GTA 6 trailer

However, players are in it for the storyline and gameplay. The first trailer doesn’t include a lot of gameplay details, but there seems to be a solid storyline around biker gangs. Looting is at the center, and this time, our male protagonist isn’t alone.

Rockstar has introduced Lucia, a fierce criminal looting the rich with the hero. Lucia seems like the main character from the trailer, so it’s currently tough to say who’d be the protagonist by default. Of course, players should be able to pick their preferences in-game. 

The trailer is chaotic, but it’s still hard to say just how “woke” GTA 6 is. Fans were concerned that the game would lose its true essence if Rockstar tried to make it cleaner and more respectful, as hinted at by several insiders. But, from the looks of it, the GTA 6 trailer is true to its Miami roots. 


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