Greekgodx returns to Twitch, offers inspirational weight loss advice

By Olivia Richman


Oct 5, 2019

Reading time: 3 min

UK Twitch streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonatos is back after being suspended for hateful conduct and it seems he may have turned a new leaf. For now. 

The controversial streamer attempted to uplift his followers before getting cut off by a honking car. 

“[People wil] fall asleep with a stream on because they don’t want to be left alone with their own thoughts. You need to fight those thoughts or you’ll never win,” he said. “It’s the hardest thing ever to do. I struggle to this day. I have really bad anxiety. But it’s a war. You need to go in full fucking blazing, boys, and understand-.” 

Greekgodx stopped abruptly to call out a car that kept honking in the background. 

“I’m doing a motivational speech here, bruv!” he exclaimed.  

Greekgodx weight loss journey


The speech started with Greekgodx discussing how everyone’s weight loss method should be different. He said the hardest part is figuring what works for oneself, then implementing that plan. 

“It’s scary, I get it,” he said.  

In an April broadcast, Greekgodx shared with his followers that he finally weighed below 300 pounds. This was more than a year into his weight loss journey. He started streaming while over 360 pounds. 

“I couldn’t have done it without you guys.You guys have been in there through thick and thin. Mostly thick,” he had said on April 27.

Greekgodx had documented his weight loss journey throughout the year, which included a strict diet with no carbohydrates and a lot of exercise. 

Despite his continued weight loss, many fans on Reddit wondered if people making fun of his weight regardless were taking it too far. 

“Greek might not be a genius but one thing he knows how to do is separate ‘banter’ and memes from serious talk. In every sub he’s being mentioned people talk about the awesome progress he’s done, if you think he ignores that and instead takes seriously the memes you probably haven’t watched him for more than an hour. Yes sometimes chat went too far but in general it’s difficult to really annoy Greek,” one user stated on the debate. 

Greekgodx drama and controversy


Although the streamer’s weight loss journey and recent motivational speech have made for wholesome content, Greekgodx has mostly made a name for himself by being a controversial figure on Twitch. 

The British influencer was suspended at the end of September for making fun of people who choose “other” for their gender when they create a SoundCloud account. 

“Imagine having other and prefer to not say, what cucks are they fucking catering to now,” he said on his live stream. 

His fans were angry with Twitch for suspending his account for the transphobic comment. Many of his followers took his side and some even got angry at Greekgodx for apologizing for his comments, since they felt it wasn’t necesary. Others feared he may never get his account back, since he had been banned in the past already. 

Since being unbanned, Greekgodx’s streams have been motivational and positive. This has some people wondering if Greekgodx has decided to switch up his persona to remain safe on Twitch. It’s unclear how long Greekgodx can go before he decides to rile up his followers and the Twitch community as a whole.