Godfrey story explained, all about the first Elden Lord

By Olivia Richman


Dec 25, 2022

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Elden Ring is largely known for its immensely difficult gameplay and insane boss battles. But Elden Ring is also a game with rich lore and an extensive story. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand the story and keep up with all the characters, including Godfrey. Here is everything you need to know about Godfrey’s story in Elden Ring.

What is Elden Ring about?

The story of Elden Ring revolves around the Lands Between being blessed by a mysterious god known as the Greater Will. The Elden Ring, which was housed inside a golden tree called the Erdtree, represents the god’s will in the Lands Between and is responsible for natural forces like death and magic. The Elden Ring had the ability to change the Lands Between, creating order whenever possible.

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The Lands Between was ruled by Queen Marika, who was chosen by the Greater Will. She became the guardian of the Elden Ring and ensured that anybody under the grace of the Elden Ring would become immortal. The Erdtree would reject some of these people, however, marking them as Tarnished and exiling them.

Queen Marika had two husbands during her time as a ruler, Godfrey and Radagon. Both became Elden Lords with immense powers, maybe even more powerful than her.

Despite these powerful protectors, the Elden Ring was shattered into Great Runes during the Night of the Black Knives. This tragic event also left some of Queen Marika’s demigod children dead. This led to a war between the remaining demigods called the Shattering, which damaged the Elden Ring and further altered reality. This compromised the Greater Will’s vision of the world and Queen Marika disappeared.

Numerous factions were left in a stalemate of sorts. But nobody has risen to replace Queen Marika or become an Elden Lord. Centuries later, the Tarnished were called back to the Erdtree to break the stalemate. You play as a Tarnished, starting out as a bit of a nobody who is fighting for control of the Lands Between.

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But as you explore the world and grow in strength, you try to repair the Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord. You will also explore more about the lore and the characters as you continue to grow in power.

Who is Godfrey in Elden Ring?

As previously mentioned, Godfrey was one of Queen Marika’s partners. While powerful, he eventually became one of the Tarnished. He was the first Elden Lord and then the first Tarnished. But how did it happen?

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Godfrey’s story in Elden Ring explained

Godfrey was the first husband of Queen Marika. She made him her consort, which also made him the first Elden Lord. During his relationship with Queen Marika, Godfrey fathered three children. They all had demigod status due to Queen Marika being a goddess. Godwyn the Golden became a warrior like Godfrey, starting the Golden Lineage.

When he vowed to become a lord, Godfrey suppressed his lust for battle by placing the Beast Regent Serosh on his back. Players get to meet both Godfrey and Serosh during the final boss rush of the Elden Ring story. Still, he led Queen Marika’s armies in a long battle to defend the Erdtree.

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Godfrey led a war against the Giants, who were using flames to threaten the Erdtree. He faced the Storm Lord alone and defeated him. But then Godfrey’s own spirit sank. His purpose had been fulfilled and Queen Marika exiled him to the Lands Between for reasons that aren’t quite clear. This made him the first Tarnished.

Queen Marika told them to fight, growing in power until they could return to brandish the Elden Ring. He became a warrior, dropping his role as a king, and took the name Hoarah Loux. THe former Godfrey became the chieftain of the Badland Warriors, a mysterious faction that has yet to appear in Elden Ring.

After the Shattering, Godfrey returned to the Lands Between with the other Tarnished, attempting to reclaim his title of Elden Lord and restore the Golden Order. The Erdtree was burned by a Tarnished champion, and Godfrey went to face them before the Elden Throne, challenging them for lordship. Godfrey killed Serosh, unleashing his full lust for blood and violence once more. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to defeat the Tarnished champion.


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