Glass House Fest is another step on streaming’s digital journey

By William Davis


Apr 13, 2021

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Streaming culture is ever becoming more inclusive and incorporating more elements into it. With music already integrating and cannabis proliferating, it should be no surprise that the two will soon merge.

Music has been an increasing part of streaming culture over the last few years. Amazon’s streaming giant, Twitch, took a big step in enabling this with the creation and promotion of a dedicated music category. It was here that musicians and creatives around the world found a new venue for showcasing their talents.

Streaming music isn’t anything new. But its inclusion on Twitch has better connected it to a younger generation of gamers, a group big enough to justify the billion-dollar purchase of Twitch by Amazon.

It just so happens that a number of prominent personalities in and around the game streaming space are also connected to cannabis. It’s more of an open secret than something that’s flaunted, as restrictions on cannabis still vary around the United States and even more broadly around the world. But as people feel increasingly comfortable talking about smoking as part of their daily life, it only makes sense that it would become a part of a streaming culture that’s all about bringing daily life to the fore.

How might these different industries interact? One clear example is the upcoming Glass House Fest, a live music festival being organized by Glass House Farms that will also be streamed live on YouTube and Twitch.

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The music event is set to be headlined by Grammy award winning Producer and DJ, Flying Lotus. It will also feature performances by Duckwrth and Blackillac, as well as the comedic stylings of Mike E. Winfield. While the event’s already sold out for live attendees, it will indeed be streaming. And this is a prime example of how streaming, music, and cannabis have all begun to converge.

Appropriately, the event will take place on April 20.

What’s next for this convergence? The sky’s the limit. Leisure cultures based around streaming, music, and even gaming all stand to further incorporate aspects of cannabis culture as it becomes more accepted in the mainstream, a process that we see playing out every day, week, and month. Events such as Glass House Fest are evidence of that, and there’s likely more of the same to come in the near future.

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