Glass House Farms’ virtual tour shows off today’s best in cannabis growth

By William Davis


May 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit a large-scale cannabis operation in the United States. But thanks to Glass House Farms’ new Virtual Farm Experience, anyone can take a walk around one of the premier cannabis farms in the country.

Based in California, Glass House Farms has proven to be at the forefront of cannabis development in the US. The company promotes an eco-friendly approach to cannabis cultivation. But for many, there remains a certain aura of mystery that surrounds cannabis growth. It’s imagined to be something carried out only in dimly-lit backrooms, away from prying eyes.

Glass House Farms’ Virtual Farm Experience delivers exactly what its name implies. It’s an opportunity to see how cannabis is grown and collected with an emphasis on the quality of the product. And it’s an impressive sight.

A 360-degree view of the Glass House Farms greenhouse sets the tone. This is a big and bright space, full to the brim with lively plant growth. For those who think of cannabis growth as something only conducted in dank and dusty labs, it’s a revelation.

The experience also invites visitors to check out three different strains of cannabis, each of which has been painstakingly modeled in three-dimensions. Not only does this give a good view of each plant, it’s also just plain cool.

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Each plant is then broken down with extensive information on its effects, scent, and overall vibe. The Hellfire indica, for example, is described as being able to take users to a “creative, daydreamy headspace,” with a sweet, lemony flavor. The Cherry AK is a sativa defined as having mint and earthy flavors while offering an “uplifting energy boost.” Given the ambiguity that surrounds cannabis for new or light users, these simple descriptions can go a long way to helping to choose the right plant.

A closer look at the plant is available through 3D modeling. This allows you not only to see the plant from every angle, but also to get up close and personal with it, showcasing the fine details of the flowering leaves that most won’t even have known were there. It’s a wild sight, and one that really has to be seen to be believed.

Along the same lines, the Virtual Farm Experience allows you to “experience” each plant by viewing it in the wild, set in some beautiful vistas with some chill music accompanying it. It gets across the vibe that Glass House Farms is aiming to project, which is friendly and smooth.

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The entire experience just speaks to both the care that Glass House Farms has for its cannabis, and the knowledge its growers have in mind. It’s that knowledge that has enabled the farm to grow so much already, and to present some of the best quality cannabis available.

So if you’re interested in taking a closer look at what the cannabis farming process is really all about, look no further than the Virtual Farm Experience. It’s a trip.

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