Ghost vs. Classic, which pistol is better in the first round?

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Winning a game of Valorant depends heavily on how you tackle the first round. Making correct buy choices can help your team snowball early, forcing the enemy into making some difficult decisions. 

Tactical shooters aren’t all about aim and team coordination. Players must keep an eye on their economy to win games. Managing buy rounds, understanding eco rounds, and investing smartly is crucial to winning at a higher level. It’s not always wise to buy the most expensive weapon just because you’re loaded with money. 

Alongside the Vandal vs. Phantom debate, Classic vs. Ghost is a hot topic among Valorant players. Many like to invest their creds in the one-tappable Ghost in the first round, while others settle with good ol’ Classic. It may seem like a trivial problem, but picking the correct pistol can decide how the next few rounds go. 

Should you buy Ghost or Classic in the first round?

The Ghost is definitively the better pistol, but the one-tap sidearm may not be the best pick for the first round. 

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In round one, players are granted 800 creds which can be used on utility, armor, or a pistol upgrade. After the price hikes to agent toolkits, it’s become almost impossible to grab everything in the first round. 

Why is Classic the better pistol? 

The Ghost costs a whopping 500 creds, leaving you with just 300 creds for utility. Conversely, the Classic is a free weapon which means you can invest in two 200 cred powers and a half armor for the other 400 creds. 

Money-wise, the Classic wins. But, the free pistol is not the worst weapon for the first round either. The Classic can be highly viable against armored enemies on smaller maps. The Ghost deals 105 damage on a headshot, whereas the Classic does only 78.

The Classic has an alternate fire that shoots three bullets at once. At a close range the Classic’s burst can get you multiple kills in two shots if you’re playing on small maps. The pistol may require some spamming on larger maps and at longer ranges, but armor helps mitigate the risk. 

When to pick Ghost instead of Classic in Valorant?

The choice between the two pistols also depends on the agent and team dynamic. Raze has death-dealing utility that’s more useful than the Ghost, so the Classic is definitely better. But for an intel gatherer like Cypher or Sova, investing in a Ghost is good for dealing damage from the backlines.

Ghosts might not turn out to be the best pick on the attack as there are fewer chances of picking one-on-one duel. A Classic might serve the team better in a rush situation on the attacking side.

Both the pistols are deadly, but the Classic comes out on top as the smarter pick in more situations than not. The sidearm is free, deadly, and allows ability-focused agents to shine in the first round.