General tips on buying gaming devices for newbies

Albert Sheng • September 17, 01:29

Gaming is currently in its best state in terms of technology. 

Amazing titles are now available on cheap mobile devices and the triple-A gaming experience on consoles have innovated to a level nobody anticipated. What the developers refer to as “next generation” is in the present and gamers are now relishing this new innovation.

The new generation ushered in a new era that is accessible for non-gamers to join the community. Many of them have delved deeper into the competitive scenes while others remained in the casual spotlight, but they all ultimately know everything they need. However, some people still struggle to properly blend because of the confusion with technology. 

Here are a few general tips for choosing the right devices for gaming on PC and mobile.

Don’t settle for budget 

Devices that are marketed for consumers with a tight budget are often good enough for gaming. Plenty of games are made with minimal system requirements such as multiplayer-puzzle games, PlayOrBet betting bookies, and online casinos. However, it’s not great for competitive multiplayers. You need a mid-range phone with a decent graphic processing unit (GPU), central processing unit (CPU), and 4 or more gigabytes (GB) of random access memory (RAM). 

Gaming on PC is a bit more demanding than that since the price range for budget and midrange are often three times that of mobile devices. Most games developed in 2020 and beyond will need more than 6GB RAM to run properly. Gaming without a GPU from AMD or Nvidia products is never advisable. Budget laptops and desktops are only good for internet browsing today. 

Every game developer writes the system requirements and recommendations of their games in the description. A requirement is what you need to run the game properly but it is often in a subpar state that it can’t give you the full experience. Games are like art with missable elements if you play them on a bad platform. Playing on a recommended system is the only way to fully experience a game the way that the developers behind it have envisioned. 

Identify the device/products that you want before shopping

Vendors aren’t always experts on the products that they were employed to sell. Some will try to sell you devices with an old operating system while others will recommend you a cheaper, but weaker alternative. 

Identify the brand and model that you want if you are on the market for a smartphone or laptop. If you want to build a desktop, then consult a friend or copy someone’s rig online and identify the prizes for every piece of their setup. Strictly follow the list you made and never let the salesperson show you an alternative. 

Separate your contacts and gaming devices

Notifications from messages and email can distract you from your gaming experience. You could enable the “do not disturb” feature but it’s easy to forget to turn it back on. 

You could still play games featured in PlayOrBet betting sites on your contact phones but play competitive multiplayer on a different platform.


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