Gen.G reported armed trespassers at esports headquarters in Seoul

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 31, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A very dramatic and serious situation saw the light of day recently when Gen.G revealed that the organization has experienced illegal trespassing at its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. 

In a recent tweet, the LCK organization reported that there have been “several unsavory attempts recently to trespass and visit” the Gen.G headquarters. These trespassings have reportedly been directly threatening to the team’s safety and later on been reported to the authorities.  

The message that was originally only written in Korean was quickly translated on Reddit, where it states that these trespassings might have been more serious than just eager Gen.G fans wanting to see the players. The suspect has been described to be “armed with a deadly weapon” as they tried to enter the building. 

Following the announcement from the official Gen.G Twitter account, co-president and COO of the organization, Gen.G Arnold, made a comment stating that this is a rare instance and shouldn’t be something that reflects on all other Gen.G fans out there. 

“99.99% of our fans are incredible,” Arnold said. “Even during the worst of times, I appreciate their passion for our team.”

As Gen.G’s first priority is always the safety of players and staff, this was reported immediately. But it is still unknown to the public what the exact details surrounding the situation is. It’s also unknown what the motivation behind this trespassing has been, even though this isn’t the first time that some of the big LCK organizations have dealt with uncomfortable things regarding League of Legends fans. 

Just last year, T1 had reportedly been receiving funeral flower wreaths to its headquarters from furious fans who weren’t happy about the direction and performance of the team. Back then, the primary concern from these extreme fans was that T1 was focusing too much on PR and marketing instead of focusing on the game play on Summoner’s Rift. 

In the LCK, Gen.G is currently sitting at the top alongside NS RedForce with a 10-4 record and is looking like a real title contender. With the playoffs coming up, the players will hopefully be able to look away from this scary instance and focus solely on the upcoming games and potential attendance at the 2021 World Championship. 


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