Gaming trends that could define 2021

By William Davis


Oct 3, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

For the gaming industry, 2020 has been a whirlwind. Never before have we seen a year so loaded with announcements, releases, changes and excitement. Between the release of a new generation of consoles optimized for modern gamers from Microsoft and Sony, the return of a few beloved classics, and most recently, the unprecedented rush for the RTX 3080 from Nvidia, there have been very few moments for reflection since the year first got underway. 

But, in spite of all the mayhem still ongoing within the industry this month, the time has come to look ahead to another stellar year of gaming highs. There is, after all, plenty to look forward to, and much that is already in the works as we head towards the final months of 2020.

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The Rise of Esports

Year on year, esports have been steadily growing in popularity. In part, this move is thanks to the rise of popular game streaming services like Twitch, but also due to their proliferation on casino sites, which are able to offer strong competition between fans of the genre. 

This guide to esports on new casinos is ready to keep up with the ever increasing demand for the best online competitions the industry has to offer, a must for anyone hoping to keep pace with all of the excitement.

Virtual Reality

While VR’s entrance onto the gaming scene may not have been as explosive as once thought, developers have been steadily refining the tech to ensure that it is ready to become an indispensable feature in gamers’ lives. 

During Facebook Connect 7, which took place online in September 2020, it was revealed that the company was homing in on their VR efforts, and aiming to integrate their two headsets together in the all-new Oculus Headset 2. They are also planning on releasing their VR glasses next year, which will usher in a new wave of more accessible hardware for everyday use.

Cloud Gaming

Microsoft is paving the way into a new era of cloud gaming. Their Xbox Game Pass is now able to offer gamers the ability to seamlessly transition from console to mobile, which will make it even easier to stay on top of the hobby when on the go. 

5G will also play a major role in this shift toward Cloud Gaming. With such high speeds, we can expect to reap the full benefits of this new offering from Xbox: low latency, games playable from almost anywhere, and easier access than ever to new titles.


In the past few years, in particular during 2020, streaming has grown exponentially. Market-leader Twitch offered its viewers millions of hours’ worth of content in the first quarter of 2020 alone, while YouTube and Facebook are preparing to compete with the platform for a slice of the market. 

Mobile Gaming

In line with the move toward Cloud Gaming, it looks as though mobile is to remain one of the most popular gaming platforms in 2021. Already a strong competitor to dedicated consoles and gaming PCs, smartphone manufacturers are beginning to release a new lineup of devices optimized for gaming. From Samsung’s Z Fold 2 to the Asus ROG Phone 2, any gamer looking for an upgrade will be treated to a better range of high-powered choices than ever before.