Gamera: Rebirth teaser for Netflix project revealed

By Olivia Richman


Nov 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new Gamera film is coming to Netflix.

Godzilla and the kaiju universe have been having a bit of a renaissance thanks to the new MonsterVerse films. The latest, Godzilla vs. Kong, broke box office records by grossing over $470 million worldwide during the global health crisis and became the most successful launch title in HBO Max history at the time. While Godzilla is most definitely the king, there are other popular kaiju that are starting to get some much-needed attention. The latest kaiju to get the star treatment is Gamera, who will be coming to Netflix in a new globally-released film.

Gamera: Rebirth coming to Netflix

Gamera: Rebirth will be the first Gamera film since 2006’s Gamera the Brave. The official Twitter stated that production has begun and it will be globally released on Netflix. The Japanese Netflix account has also confirmed that Gamera: Rebirth is coming.

A teaser was released alongside the announcement, but it’s currently unclear if it will be live action or animated. Despite the mystery, fans are already pumped. Many have expressed that Gamera is finally getting the recognition he deserves after noting his absence during Godzilla’s Reiwa era, which started with the release of Shin Godzilla in 2016.

Gamera first appeared in 1965 in the film Gamera, the Giant Monster. It was Daiei Film’s attempt to create its own version of Godzilla. Gamera started taking on a ton of different kaiju until Daiei Film went bankrupt in 1971. The movies became cult classics thanks to their impressive effects and handmade quality.

Filmmaker Shusuke Kaneko made a Gamera trilogy in the 90s, creating even more popular Gamera films. Kaneko himself has expressed excitement about the Netflix project.

When is the release date for the new Gamera movie?

There is currently no release date for Gamera: Rebirth. While this is a bit frustrating for kaiju fans, the confirmed global release has the community excited about Gamera’s return.