Game-breaking Wattson bug may render new Legend completely useless

By Olivia Richman


Jul 5, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Can Apex Legends fans ever have nice things?

Instead of enjoying Wattson, the new legend the Apex community has been data mining and debating about before her official E3 announcement, Apex players have found a major flaw that might already have sabotaged the character.

A Reddit user recently posted a video of him exploiting a game-breaking mechanic that could render Wattson useless. In the clip, the player deploys his decoys as Mirage. One of the decoys races right into an enemy Wattson’s Perimeter Security fence. 

The result is what has the Apex Legends community alarmed.

The decoy that was vaporized by the fence pinged the location of the Wattson who created the fence. The Reddit user was then able to see exactly where they were on the map, and how far they were from him.

While this was already bad enough, players are wondering if other legends can also use their abilities to find Wattson as well. Either way, being so easily spotted and tracked makes Wattson a huge liability to her team, especially if they’re grouped up. 

Many in the Reddit community demanded that the post be taken down before more players exploited this bug. But others want Respawn Entertainment to be aware of the major flaw in the hopes that they would be moved to fix it. 

Developer Respawn’s delayed response to previous bugs and game-breaking issues has left the Apex Legends community quite weary. There are hopes that Season 2 will bring about a new system for tackling these types of issues in a quick manner. Still, players are wondering how the developers didn’t manage to catch this potentially fatal flaw for the newly hyped legend.