G2’s PerkZ taking break, sitting out in LEC Summer Split

By Olivia Richman


Jun 28, 2020

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Luka “Perkz” Perković won’t be playing in the 2020 LEC Summer Split next weekend. 

G2 Esports notched a convincing victory over Fnatic in the third week of the Summer Split, but soon after the win Perkz announced that he wouldn’t be on the starting lineup next week. While he was happy with the performance, Perkz admitted that he was “having a bit of a hard time” dealing with stress. 

“I will be taking a break from competing next week, so it feels really good taking a break on a very high note,” Perkz said. 

Fans of G2 were very supportive of Perkz’ decision to take a short break from the competitive scene. The LEC immediately sent a heart emoji his way and Fnatic, who they had just defeated, even offered him some kind words. 

Congratulations on the win this evening, Luka. But, above all competition, enjoy your deserved break,” they tweeted

Despite their exciting win this weekend, it’s no surprise that Perkz has been feeling a lot of pressure over the past few weeks. G2 Esports haven’t been looking as strong as they were during the Spring Split, having already lost three matches thus far. A lot of those losses can be credited to surprising mistakes that fans feel they wouldn’t have made during the last season.
The win over Fnatic has shown that G2 is definitely still a top contender in the LEC with a lot of skills. It’s possible that they are just becoming sloppy from stress and that Perkz will come back stronger than ever after his break, leading to a more consistent showing. 
For now, Perkz is heading to the Croatian coast to be with his mother and brother. He tweeted that he’s very excited for his vacation. 


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