G2 Esports renews entire LoL rosters’ contracts through 2022

Kenneth Williams • July 14, 23:03

The best European roster of all time will stay together for two more years.

G2 Esports have been known as the kings of Europe in League of Legends, winning four titles since the roster was first put together in 2019. The team has shown significant diversity in their playstyle and the ability to role swap players between splits, which has been a big part of their domestic and international success.  

The renewal of contracts means that G2 will potentially end up as the longest standing League of Legends roster in history, if the core players stay for the duration. G2 will have to prove that staying together without making changes can take the organization to greater heights. 

Have we seen the best of G2 yet?

All great things usually come to an end, but maybe this G2 roster hasn’t reached its peak yet despite its incredible season last year. 

The current state of G2 in the LEC might not be as impressive as fans had hoped. They currently sit on a 5/4 record after losing to teams such as Vitality and SK Gaming. Despite the modest results, G2 is known to deliver when it matters and they will have to continue that trend in the upcoming playoffs. 

What does G2’s contract signing mean for the LEC?

Teams staying together for this long in League of Legends is a rare sight, but it may be the start of a new trend.

G2 was the only organization that didn’t make any roster changes in the recent offseason, which was the first hint towards a long-term roster solution. The core players already know each other to the point that they have the needed synergy and coordination within the game. 

The competition in LEC will obviously continue to be high when this iteration of G2 is playing. We have seen an increase in the overall level of the LEC, with teams such as MAD Lions, Rogue, and Misfits utilizing rookies in the best ways possible. The new rosters are able to scrim the MSI champions on a weekly basis, helping them reach a competitive level.


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