G2 Esports’ Lothar encourages players to abuse Cypher exploits

By Nick Johnson


Feb 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A serious bug that lets Cypher’s camera destroy Sage’s Barrier Wall still works in Valorant, and now a major streamer is encouraging players to exploit the tactic.

Since Valorant’s patch 2.0 in January, under-played agent Cypher has been able to take Sage out of the game by making her Barrier Wall ability almost completely useless. G2 Esports’ Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski just found out about it though, and he’s trying to mobilize his followers to make use of the bug.

G2 Lothar encourages players to use Valorant exploit

In a recent stream, Lothar showed off the Valorant bug to his audience in his daily “Valorant Tips.” The exploit involves placing Cypher’s camera inside a defending Sage’s wall, which destroys a chunk of Sage’s wall instantly.

“It’s insanely broken… You should use it until it’s patched,” Lothar said.

The bug first appeared with the release of Valorant’s second season in January, but a fix hasn’t been included in any of the patches released since then. The bug has the potential to give attacking teams a serious advantage when playing against a Sage, but luckily there’s a way to avoid getting caught by it. 

How to defend against Cypher’s Valorant exploit as Sage

Sage players should place their wall behind or in front of doorways, making sure that there’s no overlap where Cypher can place his camera. If players don’t have a flat space to place the camera, it can’t break the wall. There’s another bug that is much more common allowing Cypher’s camera to fly straight through the wall, so Sage mains should be on the lookout for that one as well.

Valorant players that know the trick won’t be able to resist using it, and that can be used to the defender’s advantage. Try to lure them into exploiting the bug, but let teammates know ahead of time. Instead of being surprised that the wall shattered suddenly, players can strategize around this and push into Cypher as he tries to draw his gun.

While the Cypher bug is a powerful tool, players shouldn’t get too attached to it. A fix is likely to come eventually and that means that Cypher won’t always be a reliable counter-pick for Sage.


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