G2 Esports, ENCE tied for first after PUBG Europe League week one

By Steven Rondina


Mar 26, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

At long last, the PUBG Europe League is in full swing.

Phase one of the continent’s professional PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds circuit has kicked off with a refreshingly competitive start. At the end of the first week, G2 Esports and ENCE are tied in the top spot with 162 points. Though they hold the lead, they have plenty of competition hot on their heels with Team SoloMid, Team Vitality, Jokers, and Team Liquid all posting over 130 points in week one.

This has the PEL looking far more interesting than other regions which have seen a rigid hierarchy form. Though ENCE and G2 are sitting atop the scoreboard, neither looked untouchable during week one.

The first day was a wild one. Officially, TSM comfortably won the day with 55 points, but nearly all of them came during the first round when the team earned the chicken dinner and posted an extraordinary 21 kills along the way. TSM fell off hard from there and never placed higher than fifth, but that opening effort was enough to carry the team to the top of the first day.

TSM fell off the map on day two, washing out early in four of the five games. Taking the top spot in their stead was Jokers. Though the team never took first place, it found plentiful kills and survived to the top-four in most of its games en route to a 58-point day.

After a dreadful opening the week, Ninjas in Pyjamas roared to the top of day three. Despite racking up only a handful of kills in each game, the team placed top-five in four of its games and capped the night with a chicken dinner. That was enough to earn them 50 points on the day.

The final day saw ENCE post the single best day of the week, tallying 59 points off a pair of chicken dinners to go with 12 and 15 kills in each respective winning game. While ENCE floundered in the other three games of the day, those two performances allowed ENCE to crush day four and ultimately finish the week on top.

Though ENCE and G2 are sitting atop the scoreboard at the end of week one, nearly every one of the 16 teams in the PEL found some degree of success. What’s more, no single squad steamrolled the field on each day. This stands in stark contrast to other regions like China’s Douyu PUBG Golden Legends and North America’s National PUBG League, which were handily won by Oh My God and Tempo Storm, respectively.

Teams will have two more weeks and 10 more games to earn a spot in the phase one playoffs, which take place at the FACEIT Global Summit in April. Week two of the PEL begins on March 28.


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