Four big gaming industry trends to watch for

By William Davis


Jun 14, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

With the launches of the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Steam Deck, the gaming industry is undergoing a major shift. Esports is another trend that is taking the industry by storm.

However, next-generation hardware isn’t the only trend in the gaming industry to keep an eye on. There are many crucial changes brewing that will transform the way people engage with the industry for years to come. Here are the four biggest trends in the gaming industry that fans should watch.

  • Increased Diversity in the World of Gaming

Although gaming appeals to women, the fandom is still a male-dominated space. The number of women in esports, PC, and console gaming continues to creep up, however. Some reports state that an estimated 45% of gamers are female, which means the split between the male and female gamers is steadily approaching 50-50. 

Not only that, the industry is beginning to pay close attention to gender representation in games. There have been a number of notable female leads in games and that will likely become the norm in the future.

  • New DRMs are challenging Steam

Currently, the PC gaming industry is worth an estimated $35 billion according to reports. A lot of that money has flowed through Steam, Valve’s digital marketplace. The dominance is reflected in the high percentage of game publishers having their games on the Steam platform. The reason for this is simple. 

Steam had first-mover advantage and it’s become one of the first game platforms where players browse, preview, buy, and play games. Today, new platforms are coming up to challenge Steam. CD Projekt Red’s GOG and the Epic Games Store are both gaining traction and making aggressive moves to become competitors to Steam.

  • Cloud gaming is expanding

Cloud Gaming is solving the problems associated with buying games online. Instead of downloading games, which can take hours and necessitates strong hardware, gamers can instead stream it in real-time. 

That is what cloud gaming is offering. It does not require downloading any games and more consumers are adopting this way of accessing games. The big 

Console wars are back on

Following the launch of Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, it’s obvious that these two console giants will keep battling it out for exclusive titles and market share. Their focus has moved away from simple hardware and software but has instead moved to buying development studios and publishers.

While it is impossible to predict the winner in the current round of console wars, the truth is that gamers will continue to have a better gaming experience. Add in how the Nintendo Switch remains a huge success and has a successor in the works and things will remain interesting for years to come, with thorough coverage of the evolving industry available here at and at websites like  There is aggressive coverage on the industry at

These are just some of the trends in the gaming industry worth paying attention to. While these trends are important, it is essential to mention that the gaming industry is dynamic and for better or worse, companies are going hard on the metaverse and web3. New games powered by new technologies are coming into the market and could change the outlook of the industry.


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