Fortnite World Champions Aqua and Nyhrox end duos partnership

By Tom Beer


Aug 2, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

After the biggest win in their careers, Fortnite Duo World Champions David “Aqua” Wang and Emil “Nyhrox” Berquist Pedersen have announced that their successful partnership will come to an end in a shocking announcement made on Twitter. They will both continue competing with new partners in future duos events.

The duo scored 51 points during the six games of the final, and the players, who are 16 and 17 years old respectively, took home a combined $3 million top prize for their efforts. Before the World Championship the pairing were not being touted as potential winners, but they managed to beat other more established teams to the prize.

While many players in a similar position would consolidate such a successful pairing and look to continue winning events, aqua made a shocking announcement on Twitter suggesting that this is not the plan.

“Lil announcement me and @stompybtw gonna play the next duo tournaments,” Aqua said.

Fans were obviously concerned by the abrupt ending of the partnership, causing Aqua to release a more complete statement on Twitlonger.

In that statement he says that he “never meant to send hate to nyhrox.” He goes on to say that despite winning the World Championship, he feels “that doesn’t mean we are the best duo or I couldn’t improve more with someone else. I feel like stompy and I fit each other better.”

At the time of writing, Nyhrox has not revealed who he intends to pair up with for future events, but he has left the COOLER team that he represented at the World Championships. In his announcement of his free agency he thanked everyone at COOLER for giving him the opportunity they provided.

It remains to be seen whether the choice to part at this stage was the right move. They could have maintained their position as the best duo in the world for future events, but it could also be a great thing if we were to see the former World Champions competing against each other in the final of another event.