Two fan-made skins are coming to Fortnite this year

Olivia Richman • August 20, 2021 4:51 pm

Two new fan-made skins are now coming to Fortnite.

Epic Games held a Concept Royale to find the best fan-made skin concepts. It began on June 15 and the winners were revealed earlier this week. Those two winners will have their concepts turned into in-game outfits and will also receive $2,500 each.

According to a post made by the official Fortnite team, the outfits will be debuted in December during Fortnite’s not-yet-announced Winter 2021 event. Due to the timing of the skin drops, developers were looking for “festive, frosty, and fun” designs with the holiday season in mind.

And now the two skins have been chosen.

Fortnite fan skin 1: Natalia

An artist known as Ibdart created a skin called Natalia, a “fierce guardian of the frozen forests.” According to the artist, this whimsical character guards against invaders that try to damage the lands of “an ancient loved one.”

The skin features a female fighter with an owl mask and bubble gum pink hair. She is wearing a blue corset, blue snow boots with white fringe and large snowflakes, and a cape that resembles the wings of a pink and blue bird. The owl-like hero also has a cute backpack with a matching bird mask along with an icy pickaxe.

Fortnite fan skin 2: Frigid Forgoer

This skin concept by AltaCalls is a bit more mysterious. Known as Frigid Forgoer, the skeletal cowboy is “thawed and ready for revenge.” But not much else is known about this creepy character.

Frigid Forgoer has a brown trench coat, opened up to show his bones beneath. He also has a utility belt and a sash, along with a flat cowboy hat. Frigid Forgoer’s pants and footwear can’t be seen too well in the concept art, but it will most likely be some type of cowboy boot.

Right now, there isn’t an official release date for the two skins. But fans can expect them to see them in-game by the end of the year.


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