Fortnite leak reveals new sniper rifle, possible wild west redesign

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Judging from some recent Fortnite leaks, an intriguing new weapon is coming and one of the most iconic locales in the game is set for a big overhaul.

Prominent Fortnite leakster “Lucas7yoshi” has uncovered evidence of a brand new sniper rifle in the game’s files. The data suggests that the gun will set itself apart from other weapons by offering a long-distance scope alongside rapid fire potential. The gun has the look of the Russian-made VSK sniper rifle, which is known as the VSS in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Also worth noting is that the weapon will likely see frequent use in the game, as the files contain uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary variant artwork. In terms of its stopping power, the rifle does 30 base damage with each shot. It has a 16-bullet magazine with a 3.99-second reload time. Damage and reload time scale based on variant.

Alongside the new gun, it seems Tilted Towers will once again undergo a significant makeover. The location, which has long been one of the most hotly contested drop zones, will seemingly take on a western theme in the near future.

Fortnite Season 11 theme leaked?


This isn’t the first time Epic has played around with the wild west idea. There have been western-themed limited-time modes in the past, and the cowboy-themed Western Wilds set dropped during Fortnite Season 6.

It is unclear how the transformation will occur, with some suggesting the transition will slowly develop as the season progresses. It’s not yet clear whether the changes to Tilted Towers will be purely cosmetic, or if significant structural changes are also due.

When will all this arrive? That’s anyone’s guess. Fortnite Season X just launched and seems to be themed around some of the game’s more fantastical elements, with rift zones popping up around the map and B.R.U.T.E. mechs leaving players frustrated.

Though the new sniper rifle could drop at any time, the western theme may not take root until Fortnite Season 11. Thankfully, Epic can keep fans occupied in the coming months with a refreshed battle pass and regular content drops.


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