Fortnite account hacking is becoming big business

Steven Rondina • December 26, 2018 5:00 pm

The Fortnite account theft business is booming, according to a new report by the BBC.

The outlet tracked down a number of hackers from across Europe and posted a lengthy report on the findings on its website. That report discussed the hijacking process, the market for stolen login information, and the kind of money that can be made along the way.

According to the report, the hacking community has made cracking Fortnite accounts a fairly streamlined process. Past data leaks have made login information discoverable across multiple channels and for-purchase hacking tools can be used to gain access to those accounts. Once inside, hackers lock the account down using two-factor authentication, making it nearly impossible for the original owner to regain access.

From there, it’s a matter of luck for the hacker. With no way to know what a given account has on it in advance, they have to go through and discover what skins and other digital belongings it contains. While a lightly played account is sold for just a few cents, accounts loaded with digital goods can be sold for much more.

Despite that inconsistency, this can net dedicated hackers a substantial sum of money. One of the subjects interviewed raked in £16,000 ($20,270 USD) in seven months, and another took in £2,300 ($2,914 USD) in one week.

Debbie Tunstall, who works to rehabilitate hackers, told the BBC that these hacking offenses may lead to greater and more damaging acts.

“There is definitely cyber-crime grooming taking place and if we don’t act they could easily get taken down that route,” Tunstall said.

According to those interviewed, it isn’t especially difficult for Fortnite players to keep their skins safe. Two-factor authentication offers a great deal of protection from outside access and makes it almost impossible to break into the accounts.

Anyone that has pumped their hard-earned cash into the game ought to take advantage of the available security measures before they find themselves on the wrong end of the growing hacking trend.


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