Fortnite 9.30 update introduces Chug Splash, sends weapons to vault

Olivia Richman • June 18, 2019 5:06 pm

Fortnite’s 9.30 update went live this morning on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintndo Switch, iOS, and Android. 

The most recent update has introduced a brand new item, the Chug Splash. Epic Games confirmed the “refreshing new beverage” before the update was launched, describing the drink as a six-pack of Chug that “keeps your squad in the game.” 

Upon impact, the Chug splashes liquid in a small area. All players within the splash radius will instantly be granted 20 health or shield points, depending on the player’ current health bar. 

“Chug Splash can heal allies, enemies, and can extend the duration of the ‘knocked’ state for knocked players,” Epic said in an official blog post

The six pack is available in rare variants only from vending machines, supply drops, chests, and llamas. They drop in stacks of two, with the maximum being six. 

Chug Splash is Fortnite’s fifth healing liquid consumable, coming after other items including Slurp Juice and Chug Jug. 

Fortnite v9.30 LTMs


But that’s not all this weekly update includes for players. 

This patch introduced three limited-time modes. Sniper Shootout Duos has two teams facing off with only sniper rifles. Trios has three-person squads duking it out. Solid Gold Squads features signifcantly increased legendary weapon drops. 

But don’t worry about the employees. Epic stated on Twitter that this update is so huge because “Epic employees are going on vacation and we’ll only be getting content updates for the upcoming three weeks!” 

Fortnite weapon updates


Epic has vaulted even more weapons, this time focusing on explosives. The Boom Bow, Dual Pistols, and Dynamite have been vaulted. 

“These vaults are primarily targeted at adjusting the availability of explosives, putting them more in line with where we think they should be,” the developer said. 

Players are also unable to ride Proximity Grenade Launcher projectiles in the new update. The speed of the projectile was causing issues with level streaming, developers said. Players can still ride rockets launched from Rocket Launchers, however. 

Shotguns were also affected by the update. The Combat Shotgun’s long-range damage is now reduced. There is no longer a delay when switching to shotgun weapons, unless there are multiple shotguns in a player’s inventory. This could be the developer’s measly attempt to make up for the vaulted Pump. 

Check out the large update here


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