Former TSM Academy player Evolved shows Yasuo outplay potential

Christian Vejvad • December 27, 16:26

Former mid laner for Team SoloMid Academy Jackson “Evolved” Dohan recently pulled off an impressive 1v3 outplay on Yasuo during a solo queue game, and we can explain how.

After leaving TSM Academy in the 2020 offseason, the 19-year-old mid laner has been pursuing streaming and some great highlights have come of it. In this most recent outplay, Evolved managed to take on three opponents all by himself on Yasuo and still come out alive. The battle took place at the enemy Raptors, where Evolved showcased why Yasuo is one of the best champions to make outplays on. 

KatEvolved is really good at Yasuo from r/leagueoflegends

During the outplay, Evolved goes through pretty much all of the combos a Yasuo player can manage. He started out by dodging abilities by dashing through the Raptors with his Sweeping Blade (E), followed up by unleashing a full combo on Lucian after Xerath had burned a few of his spells. 

Evolved utilizes Wind Wall on Yasuo to outplay opponents

While being attacked from three different angles, Evolved placed his Wind Wall (W) to block damage from both the Xerath and the Samira. As any great Yasuo player would do, he attack moves between each side of the Wind Wall to confuse the enemies and dodge attacks from both sides. Through this micromanagement, Evolved manages to avoid lethal damage. 

After killing Samira, it looks like the fight is done and Evolved needs to escape with barely 100 HP left. Instead of walking out, he flashed back on top of the low-health Lucian to execute him with a quick Steel Tempest (Q) attack. 

At that point, Evolved has his Conqueror rune stacked up and is able to cut down Xerath like butter while life-stealing. This triple kill was done after just 11 minutes, without Evolved being significantly far ahead of his opponents. In fact, he didn’t even have his first big item completed. 

TSM Academy

Is Yasuo good in LoL?

Yasuo has always been a hard champion for Riot to balance, but as of December 2020, he is in a fairly healthy spot. Yasuo is currently sitting at a 49% win rate in both the bot and mid lanes, while his win rate in the top lane is down to 47.18%. Yasuo is a good champion because he can be played in several different roles, but he isn’t a champion for everyone. Yasuo is a fairly complex champion and takes some practice to perform on. This is why Yasuo mains can often abuse him, while newer players are not able to succeed when playing him. 

How does Yasuo’s Wind Wall work?

Yasuo’s Wind Wall (W) is one of the most controversial abilities in the game, and rightfully so. The ability is able to block all enemy projectiles for 4 seconds, which gives Yasuo the ability to make big outplays or help his team survive poke. Yasuo simply creates a big wall that will block all enemy auto attacks and abilities. 

Which class is Yasuo?

Yasuo is a mix between a fighter and assassin champion. When released in December 2013, Yasuo was designed to be a mid laner, and he primarily has been ever since. Even though Yasuo is mostly seen in the mid lane, he can also take on other roles across the map. In recent years, Yasuo has been seen in the bot lane in some specific compositions. Yasuo is also able to play in the top lane and is a very versatile champion in general. If played correctly, Yasuo can succeed in several different roles on the map. 


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