Former Linus Tech Tips employee alleges sexism, mistreatment at work

By Nicholas James


Aug 16, 2023

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Linus Tech Tips, and its larger parent company Linus Media Group, has been accused of exceptionally poor working conditions by a former employee on X.

Former Linus Tech Tips and Linus Media Group, and LMG employee Madison “Suop” Reeve came forward on August 16 to recount her allegations of poor working conditions at LTT and LMG. She laid out claims of harassment, overworking, and inappropriate conduct by a variety of LTT and LMG staff.

In a 50+ post thread on X, Soup defined her experience at LTT as “a horrible teenage drama movie.”

LTT employee alleges harassment, more

Allegations of overworking, verbal harassment, sexual harassment, and more awful working conditions from Reeve have compounded critical attention towards the massive content company.

Linus Tech Tips and Linus Media Group have already been the subject of scrutiny recently after selling a prototype cooling block owned by manufacturer Billet Labs at auction despite not owning the piece. LTT failed to respond to Billet Labs, saying that the company wasn’t allowed to sell the cooling block. After a video was published detailing this, founder Linus Sebastian offered to pay Billet Labs.

Reeve’s accusations include her sending herself to the hospital by injuring herself. Reeve claimed that cutting her leg open was the only way she could have a day off of work without being scrutinized due to the company’s “no days off, grind set” culture.

She also alleges that the staff repeatedly made inappropriate remarks, including sexual jokes and jabs at the workplace, which contributed to her deteriorating mental health.

“I was asked about my sexual history, my boyfriend’s sexual history, and ‘how I liked to f—‘. I was told that certain issues were “sexual tension” and I should just ‘take the co-worker out on a coffee date to ease it out,'” She claimed in a long thread.

The community response to the allegations has been overwhelmingly in favor of Reeve. The double incidents seem to have heavily damaged many fans’ faith in the company. Since the allegations surfaced, the LTT YouTube channel has started losing subscribers by the minute.

Currently, LTT has not released any public statement on Reeve’s claims. The content juggernaut will have to address the accusations to begin reclaiming fan faith. The YouTube-born company had published a long video about transitioning to a more responsible method of operation. This comes just the same morning that the accusations surfaced.


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