Fnatic drops strategic coach Veigar v2 for sexual comments to minor

By Olivia Richman


Apr 30, 2020

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Fnatic issued a statement earlier today after their strategic League of Legends coach Marius “Veigar v2” Aunne was exposed for sexual comments made to a minor, in addition to other toxic behavior. 

While Veigar v2 has always been known for his toxicity and DDoS’ing teammates, the newly uncovered “extremely concerning messages” were too much for Fnatic to handle. The organization cut all ties with Veigar v2 to wash their hands of the situation completely. 

While there were a very few followers who felt Veigar v2 shouldn’t be treated poorly because of his past, most people in the League of Legends community seemed alarmed that he was even hired in the first place. 

Fnatic coach’s perverse past revealed

In 2018, Veigar v2 had made very sexually explicit comments towards a seven-year-old girl. When these since-deleted tweets were brought up in a Twitter thread, the young child’s older sister decided to also share some screenshots of Veigar v2 making inappropriate comments about the child. The older sister also accused him of being in a Discord group dedicated to sharing obscene photographs of underaged children. 

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As the information began to spread, other people started to share their own details about Veigar v2’s harassment, toxic solo queue breakdowns, and DDoS attacks. In a response to the accusations of being a toxic teammate, Veigar v2 said on stream that his behavior was “nothing new.” 

“He’s such a waste of air, honestly. Games aside, he once made pedophilic remarks about my little sister, who was like seven at the time, with his little circlejerk of fanboys,” the older sister tweeted. 

Veigar v2 speaks out about the pedophilic comments

In response to being publicly let go from Fnatic, Veigar v2 decided to make his own tweet addressing the “accusations and rumors.” 

In a TwitLonger, he stated that he was a teenager involved with a “disgusting group of people” from 2017 to 2018. He admitted he was “really, really disgusted” by things that he said. 

“At the end of 2018, I started to grow up and realized how fucked everything I’ve done in the past was and I wanted to leave it all behind me. I removed myself from the people that influenced me,” he explained to his followers. 

Since that time, he noted, he hasn’t said “anything even remotely close” to what was said in the screenshots. 

While Veigar v2 has admitted to the toxic behavior, he seems to have put the blame on others for “influencing” him, and the former Fnatic coach denied his involvement with the Discord group and any other pedophilic behavior beyond the sexual comments. 

“I have never taken part in sharing or viewing those disgusting pictures and that is just a rumor,” he noted, apologizing to the two sisters. “I now look back on these actions with shame and disbelief.” 

While one of his followers responded to his tweet that they shouldn’t have let him go over something that happened years ago, Viegar v2 stood up for the organization’s decision. 

“I respect their decision and I would do the same if I were them. This was from the Old Veigar v2, not the current,” Viegar v2 responded.


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