Fnatic and TSM look weak ahead of day two at Worlds 2020

By Melany Moncada


Oct 3, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Fnatic just proved to be better than Team SoloMid, but it won’t be enough to take down Gen.G and LGD Gaming in the 2020 World Championship.

Fnatic bested TSM in one of the most anticipated matches of Worlds. The European squad had a clearer idea of how to play the macro game and TSM had no response to these constant challenges. While the victory is good news for Fnatic’s world debut, it’s also a wake-up call for both Fnatic and TSM going forward. 

Group C at Worlds has its own meta

After watching the four teams in group C compete, it’s clear that these four teams have their own interpretation of the meta and approaches to the game. Fnatic likes to play aggressive, TSM and Gen.G want to play for objectives, and LGD just thrives in chaos.

Gen.G has better objective setup

If the plan is to play for objectives, Gen.G does a better job at setting up and, on top of that, its jungler can out-smite almost anyone. Playing slow and waiting for the item power spikes only favors Gen.G. TSM had questionable decision making when it came to the plays around the objectives and Gen.G is not the type of team that leaves mistakes unpunished.

Fnatic plays a more reckless style, acting like it has more advantages than it actually does. Unfortunately for the European squad, that strategy won’t work against Gen.G either. The Koreans might not be comfortable fighting, but they have resilience going for them.

LGD is the superior team in fights

If teams choose to go for a more skirmish heavy plan, they’ll have to face LGD, a team that thrives in chaos. The LPL representative likes to fight and fight dirty. Every opening is an opportunity that LGD will take to fight.

Fnatic’s support has a tendency to overcommit in the fights, resulting in them losing the game. In the match against Gen.G, LGD showed that it can turn one kill into an ace if the enemy is just one step out of position.

TSM doesn’t have the same prowess for the team fights. It almost feels like the NA teams avoid fighting entirely. TSM is unstable, in the sense that it’s easy to throw them off balance if the opponent goes for unexpected plays. TSM plays by the book and LGD threw away the book long time ago.

While Fnatic was able to overpower TSM, it will be difficult for them to take on LGD and Gen.G in the current meta. 

The 2020 World Championship resumes on October 4 at 3 AM, CST.