Five esports YouTubers to know about in 2022

By William Davis


May 29, 2022

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The esports industry is one of the fastest-growing on the planet and some companies in the business have been valued in the nine-figure range. In late 2018, Goldman Sachs reported esports would be worth a staggering $3 billion by 2022. Therefore, it comes as no surprise people want a slice of the pie and we have seen the rise of several prominent esports YouTubers and pro gamers rise on social media.

Whether through new releases like Gonzos Quest Slot or other efforts to attract new audiences, video games and esports are clearly growing.

Travis Gafford

Travis Gafford lives in Los Angeles and formerly headed Yahoo!’s esports department before becoming a YouTube content creator. His YouTube channel focuses more on industry interviews, shows, and gameplay tips. In addition to his video content, Gafford hosts the Hotline League podcast with Mark “Markz” Zimmerman, allowing users to call in and discuss esports.

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis regularly posts esports content on his YouTube channel. He has worked in a variety of roles in esports including as an on-camera personality and as an editor for esports websites, but is primarily known for his interviews and commentary. He discusses a number of games but is most engaged with Counter-Strike

Banks Esports

Banks Esports was founded by James Banks, who has been involved in online gaming since 2003. Having started life as a professional player, Banks now conducts interviews and commentates on the big esports events on his YouTube channel. In addition to the commentary and interviews, Banks Esports works in event marketing and as a strategy advisor for new companies entering esports.


Not to be confused with the ice cream treat of the same name, Jake “chocoTaco” Throop isn’t an esports competitor but is known for his entertaining plays in a former top esports title. chocoTaco is possibly the best-known PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds player. chocoTaco stuck around with the game while most left and continues to focus on the game to this day. His YouTube channel includes his best highlights and he has grown large enough to represent TSM. 


Today, Lachlan Ross Power is best known for his Fortnite YouTube videos but originally, his video channel was focused on different games. He was primarily known for Pokemon GO and Minecraft streaming, which are obviously quite different from the battle royale. Fortnite has seen his popularity skyrocket and today he boasts about 15 million subscribers. Lachlan still sometimes plays different games, but almost all of his recent content has been based on Fortnite.

PewDiePie, VanossGaming, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye may be among the biggest YouTubers, but that doesn’t make them serious competitors. For these gaming YouTubers, starting a channel is a gamble that has paid off. 


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