FF XVI Collector’s Edition contents and where to buy

By Kenneth Williams


May 20, 2023

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The FF XVI Collector’s Edition is the ultimate way to experience the franchise’s return to form.

Final Fantasy XVI aims to bring the series back to its roots while also completely revamping the very basics of the series. To help celebrate the series’ return, Square Enix has shown off a fancy FF XVI Collector’s Edition filled to the brim with cool feelies and in-game bonuses. Here’s all the cool stuff included in the high-end version of the newest Final Fantasy.

The Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XVI contains all of the following digital and physical content for $350.

  • Final Fantasy XVI for PlayStation 5
  • Premium Statue – Phoenix vs Ifrit
  • Metal Eikon Pin Collection
  • Clive Rosfield SteelBook Case
  • Cloth Map of Valisthea
  • Blood Sword DLC
  • Digital Mini Artbook
  • Digital Mini Soundtrack
FF XVI Collector’s Edition

Some of these goodies are also available in cheaper versions of the game. The physical deluxe edition will include the special SteelBook case as well as the cloth map of the game’s world. The digital deluxe version includes the artbook and soundtrack, which will be available on the console versions of the game as well.

Pre-ordering FF XVI will also include special goods depending on the version purchased. Players can get the Braveheart sword, Cait Sith Charm, and Scholar’s Spectacles in-game items by buying the game before it releases on June 22, 2023. Certain items are only available from specific retailers, so be sure to check the official pre-order page to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

FF XVI Collector’s Edition includes a massive statue

The chief draw of the Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition is a massive statue depicting a battle between Phoenix and Ifrit, a pivotal moment in the game’s story.

FF XVI Collector’s Edition statue

The statue shows two Eikons, Phoenix and Ifrit, engaged in battle. Phoenix and Ifrit are controlled by Joshua and Clive respectively, who will be the two main characters of the primary story. A battle between the two Eikons kicks off the events of the story, which involves Clive going on an adventure to save his younger brother Joshua.

As for where to buy the Collector’s Edition of FF XVI, the only option is the official Square Enix online store. The Collector’s Edition is also strictly limited to the PlayStation 5 version of the game, so PC players will need to purchase the actual game separately through Steam.


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