Female streamers angry as site embeds Twitch streams without permission

Jessica Scharnagle • December 11, 03:42

The Twitch community has just discovered Bunnyhop.tv and they don’t like it. 

Bunnyhop.tv is a website that embeds Twitch streams by content creators the site deems attractive. The front page prompts viewers to “sign in to follow your favorite girls.” When female streamers found out about Bunnyhop.tv they were deeply upset about the website’s practices. 

The site embeds female Twitch streamers without their permission. The criteria by which they choose to add female streamers to their website is unknown, and many streamers who have found themselves on the site have felt sick, outraged, and fearful.

Hundreds of women looked to Twitch to help them take down the site and it seems that their efforts have been fruitful. Twitch support tweeted about the incident and announced that they had blocked the site from embedding streams. The website still lists females who are live, which is still a tool for someone to use to find streamers and search them on Twitch itself.

“The safety of our community is our top priority, and we are deeply disappointed in this abuse of our content and creators,” Twitch stated on Twitter. 

Female streamers are outraged at Bunnyhop.tv

Reactions have been nothing but negative, and people who have found themselves on Bunnyhop.tv have taken to the website’s Twitter to air their grievances. There are hundreds of tweets to the company from streamers who have found themselves on their site and asked for their stream to be taken off the site.

The site then tried to remedy this by asking streamers to whisper their channel on Twitch to ask to be taken off the site, which was also met with outrage and hatred. 

This news comes just a day after Twitch announced a new Hateful Conduct and Harassment Policy that takes effect January 22. In that update, Twitch will start punishing behavior that many female streamers deal with on a near-constant basis, such as unwanted comments about their appearance, unwelcome compliments, and lewd or explicit comments.

Many female streamers wonder if Bunnyhop is a root cause of the uptick in verbal abuse. 

Twitch has now taken away their ability to embed streams, and Auth0, the service Bunnyhop used to allow users to log in and favorite streamers, has revoked their free license. This means that bunnyhop.tv is effectively a dud website that doesn’t do much, but many streamers are still hoping that the site gives in and shuts down completely. 


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