Fedmyster is returning to Twitch streaming after Pokimane drama

By Olivia Richman


Jun 23, 2021

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Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan had his first Twitch stream today after going silent last year. 

Fedmyster hosted a Twitch stream at 1 PM on June 23 after a lot of fan speculation. This was the first time Fedmyster had streamed in over a year. After drama with OfflineTV and Imane “Pokimane” Anys last summer, Fedmyster disappeared from Twitch. While some content creators showed love for Fedmyster’s return announcement, others were less than pleased.

Fedmyster was removed from the OfflineTV house after Yvonne “Yvonnie” Ng accused him of sexual misconduct. Instead of silently disappearing from the Twitch community, Fedmyster decided to share a Google Doc about his relationship with Pokimane. In the document, which he later claimed was “leaked” against his will, Fedmyster called Pokimane manipulative and a liar. 

“We have both made mistakes and owned up to them privately,” Fedmyster said at the time. “I regret that this was made public.” 

After the drama, many wondered if Fedmyster would ever return to Twitch. And now he finally has. 

Fedmyster’s return to Twitch streaming leaves community torn

In Discord, fans received a mysterious notification that hinted at a comeback stream. Since this happened in February 2021 and ended up being false, a fan asked Fedmsyter to clarify if the notification was true. In response, Fedmyster said that it was indeed happening.

The initial false alarm happened earlier this year when Fedmyster’s Twitch cannel schedule section said he would return from vacation on February 3. This ultimately never happened, leaving his most loyal fans disappointed and confused. But this time around, Fedmyster provided an official response telling fans that the return was actually happening. 

While Fedmyster’s return is for real this time, a lot of people are still skeptical. Some Twitch viewers feel as though Fedmstery shouldn’t be allowed to come back after the sexual misconduct allegations made against him and his drama with Pokimane. Others feel Fedmyster should be allowed to reinvent himself after having spent tim away from streaming on Twitch. 


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