FaZe Rain banned from Twitch and fans aren’t sure why

By Olivia Richman


Apr 5, 2021

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Popular content creator Nordan “Rain” Shat has been banned from Twitch. 

The news broke earlier this morning and fans are not sure why Rain was suspended from the streaming platform. He is still a Twitch Partner, meaning the ban isn’t permanent. But besides that, not a lot is known about the situation. Rain himself has not made any public statements about the seemingly sudden ban. 

The response to the news was a lot of question marks from Rain’s fans. It seems as though nobody has any clue what Rain did to earn the suspension. 

Who is FaZe Rain?

The FaZe Clan streamer is quite popular across social media. He has 5.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.3 million followers on Twitter. He has recently been streaming in the Just Chatting category as well as playing Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. While his gaming streams are entertaining, it seems as though most of his fans follow him to hear updates on his life. 

Rain has recently opened up about a drug problem. 

“I’m never gonna be out of my mind again,” Rain said.

The streamer has been sober for six months. He’s currently in a wheelchair due to a lot of pain he’s experienced from chemical neuropathy. The drugs have “fried his brain” and caused him serious physical pain, Rain explained. He recently made a video showing how “crippled” he’s been for the past seven months. 

“I never felt pain like this in my life,” he said, showing off his walker. “I’m grateful that I’m going through this. It’s given me a lot of perspectives and made me a lot more down-to-earth. I see a motherfucker walking and think, ‘Damn, he doesn’t know how good he has it.'” 

What happened to FaZe Rain?

Due to his behavior, Rain was kicked out of the FaZe house last year. At the time, Rain accused the organization of unfair treatment but FaZe Clan executive Richard Bengston, also known as Banks, told fans on Twitter that this was not the case. Instead, he stated that the entire house had offered Rain alternative ways to get healthy and remain nearby, but Rain allegedly turned it down. 

“To drag your friends after everything that’s happened is unfair and not the truth,” Bengston said. 

Rain’s drug use had impacted both his own health and those around him. He was in a deep state of depression and wasn’t able to move his legs. Soon after, Rain disappeared from social media to work on himself. The FaZe co-owner is now allowing fans to follow his journey. 


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