FaZe Kay warns Coffeezilla that he’ll sue over SaveTheKids scam

Olivia Richman • July 14, 22:18

Former FaZe Clan content creator Frazier “Kay” Khattri has turned his attention to journalist Coffeezilla after being dropped from the organization for promoting a crypto scheme. 

FaZe Clan removed Kay and suspended others for their involvement in SaveTheKids, a pump-and-dump crypto scheme. Kay recently shared a video in which he declared his innocence in the situation, explaining that an unnamed scammer convinced him to take part in the scandal. Now, Kay has sent a cease and desist letter to YouTuber Coffeezilla, demanding the journalist take down videos that discuss the SaveTheKids drama. 

Coffeezilla shared the letter on Twitter, which said that the YouTuber would be sued for “millions of dollars” in lost revenue. Kay accused Coffeezilla of defamation and “intentional interference” The letter said that Coffeezilla caused Kay to lose “millions of dollars in revenue” from false statements that allegedly damaged his reputation. 

Coffeezilla responded to the cease and desist on Tuesday. He said that he would “happily fight this in court.” 

“My conscience is clean,” Coffeezilla said. “This lawsuit is a tactic to silence the new evidence that is coming out about Kay. He knows the kinds of things I have on him, and he knows it because I have been asking him for comments and he hasn’t been responding. Apparently, he has been prepping his lawyers to come at me instead.”

Who is Coffeezilla?

Coffeezilla is a YouTuber known for exposing scam artists. Along with SomeOrdinaryGamer, Coffeezilla was one of the first journalists to discuss the SaveTheKids scam. After the scam came to light, Kay was booted from FaZe Clan. Now, Kay is looking to bully Coffeezilla into taking down videos with the threat of lawsuits. But Coffeezilla doesn’t appear to be interested appeasing the former FaZe Clan member.


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