Faze Clan drops editor for alleged sexual comments to 16-year-olds

By Olivia Richman


Jun 7, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

FaZe Clan has announced that video content editor Tom Barker is no longer with the organization. 

On June 6, FaZe stated that its relationship with the editor had ended and that he no longer has “any association” with FaZe Clan.

While FaZe Clan didn’t publicly state why Barker was being booted, the esports community seemed well aware of some troubling things Barker was recently accused of. 

Victims recently came forward with allegations that Barker had sent an underaged girl sexual messages on Snapchat. Screenshots shared by one Twitter user showed Barker sending a girl suggestive photographs, calling her “hot,” and saying he would “do bad things” to her. 

Some Twitter users noted that he had allegedly sent inappropriate messages to multiple underaged girls, even guilting them into talking to him by threatening self-harm. One victim even stated that he sent videos of himself cutting to manipulate her. 

As more allegations came forward, Barker sent out a tweet of his own, calling some friends “snakes.” Besides that tweet, he has yet to speak out about the accusations, although he did clarify that the tweet wasn’t directed at FaZe Clan. 

As of this writing, he hasn’t removed anything related to FaZe Clan from his bio. 

While most people have been quick to condemn Barker for his actions, the video editor isn’t without his fans. He has over 150,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he posts edits of various games. People also enjoyed his FaZe Clan montages. 


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