Fans are upset that Overwatch World Cup jerseys look the same

By Morten Marstal


Sep 24, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The Overwatch World Cup jerseys have been revealed by Blizzard, and the Overwatch community isn’t happy with the result. 

Popular vendor Into The Am is manufacturing the jerseys this year, which fans are pleased with after the consistently subpar products produced by Fanatics in their attempt at providing Overwatch League merchandise. Into The Am is frequently heralded as having the better quality jerseys for the price. 

What fans aren’t happy about is the Overwatch World Cup jersey design choice. Every jersey has the same format, with a main color on the torso and differently colored sleeves. For some countries the sleeves are the same color, while other countries rock two different colored sleeves, such as the United States and Russia. Three large letters are displayed across the chest on the right side of the jersey with the country’s abbreviation.

Fans pan Overwatch World Cup jerseys for similarity


That’s about where the similarities end in the design. People instantly pointed out how similar many of the jerseys were, and one fan put eight particularly similar jerseys in one photo to highlight just how close they came to resembling each other.

All eight jerseys are red in the torso and white on the sleeves. Each one also has their abbreviations on the right with their sponsor on the left. They do vary ever so slightly in the shade of red, but if not for the abbreviations, fans would have no idea which team each jersey belonged to.

Outrage was instant and swift, with many people posting their discontent across social media. Some fans called it “low effort,” “trash”, and “disappointing.” Others posted fan designs that were done by students that they thought looked much better. Many said that they were even worse than last year’s jerseys, which also weren’t received well.

Another point of contention is that player names are not able to be added to the backs of the jerseys. The plain jerseys are currently retailing for $60. 

The Overwatch World Cup starts on November 1.


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