Faker’s stream interrupted by bugs in League of Legends client

By Melany Moncada


Jan 15, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

The faulty League of Legends client doesn’t discriminate between professional players and the casual solo queue enthusiast.

T1 mid laner and League of Legends’ internationa star Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok was a victim of a client bug. Faker, who streams frequently on his personal Twitch account, encountered a curious bug on recently.

As he jumped into the game, a bug message appeared on the screen. Faker tried multiple times to close the window, but it kept popping up. This is one of the many annoying bugs that players might have to deal with whenever they try to play some League of Legends.

Faker will certainly report the inconvenience to the higher-ups at Riot, but most players don’t get the same opportunity. In fact, players constantly complain about Riot Games’ seeming lack of interest when it comes to fixing game client bugs.

Riot Games says it wants to fix LoL client

The client situation is so bad that some players questioned Riot Games’ ability to develop other new games when its original game isn’t fully functional.

In 2020, the developer seems determined to fix the client and has dedicated more resources towards the situation. According to Riot Games, fixing the existing bugs in the client is one of the top priorities for this year. Some of the bugs affect the store, champion selection, and the player’s very connection to the game. Players can sometimes get kicked out of the games and find themselves unable to reconnect. All of these issues and more will hopefully be addressed by the developer this year.

There isn’t an exact timeline for the client fixes, but Riot said the team is confident that with help from the players it can identify the client’s biggest bugs and provide solutions.

This is a great opportunity for casual players to learn from the GOAT himself. Faker didn’t rage quit when he found a bug, so maybe you shouldn’t either.


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