Watch Faker outplay Sylas with his crazy reactions on Akali

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Despite the mid-season break, T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok isn’t going easy on his opponents in solo queue. 

The star mid laner recently pulled off an impressive outplay in solo queue, where he made a fool out of the enemy Sylas despite being behind on Akali. With a score of 1/4/3 after just 13 minutes, Faker was struggling to keep up in the laning phase against Sylas. This had the Sylas playing very aggressively into Faker, which ultimately got punished by god-like mechanics from the three-time world champion himself. 

Faker with insane Akali outplay followed up by “I wasted my Flash 🙁 But still, I got him” from r/leagueoflegends

Akali and Sylas have always been a fun matchup to watch and this outplay is another example of that. With the enemy Sylas stealing Faker’s Perfect Execution ultimate, the fight was on. Sylas was the first to engage because of his big lead, quickly chunking out Faker with a combo. 

When it looked like the end for Faker, he managed to quickly place his Twilight Shroud (W) and gain some distance from Sylas with Shuriken Flip (E). The health difference was still significant so Faker had to react at an incredible speed. 

Faker went in with his first charge of Perfect Execution, followed up by a quick Flash behind Sylas to avoid lethal damage. With both players on a single bar of health, Sylas went in for the last charge but Faker survived with just 30 health. This suddenly put Faker in a winning position, securing the kill with his final charge of Perfect Execution. 

While the dual only took around four seconds, both players managed to pull off several combos in a split second. On paper, Faker should have lost the fight any day of the week but quick reactions and raw skill were the difference-maker.    

KD/A Akali

What role is Akali in LoL? 

Akali is an ability power assassin who strives in duels and skirmishes. Akali is a fairly squishy melee champion but has a lot of dashes to compensate for that. As an assassin, Akali likes to take on fights and outplay other squishy opponents through heavy burst damage. Akali relies a lot on combos and can mechanically hard to pull off. This is why Akali can also be easily punished.

Is Akali good in LoL? 

Ever since her rework in 2018, Riot has struggled to balance Akali. As an assassin with a lot of outplay potential, it’s hard to find a sweet spot where Akali isn’t overtuned or too weak. In season 11, Akali hasn’t been the power pick that players are used to from previous seasons. In fact, Akali only has a 47.56% win rate on patch 11.9 in Platinum rank and higher.  


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