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Exploring gaming preferences in Finland

By William Davis


Jun 9, 2023

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Finland is well-known for its gaming culture and responsible for some of the most well-liked video games ever made. League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, FIFA 23, and Minecraft are some of the most-played video games in Finland. 

These games’ engaging gameplay has made them immensely well-liked among gamers in Finland. Additionally, many Finns enjoy playing mobile games like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans.

In addition, many Finns love participating in various online games offered by Finnish casinos throughout the country, besides playing traditional board games with friends and family, like chess and checkers. 

Finnish gamers have a wide range of tastes across several genres and platforms. And this passion has helped shape the entirety of the competitive gaming scene around the world. 

Games that resonate with Finnish players

The gaming culture in Finland is strong, and the games that appeal to Finnish gamers frequently reflect their cultural beliefs.

For instance, several well-known Finnish video games, including the adventure game Kalevala and the puzzle game Tulkaa! have themes of exploration and the natural world. These games stress the value of getting to know one’s surroundings and enjoying nature. 

The cooperative board game Kotka and the strategic game Valtteri are two more well-known games in Finland that emphasize collaboration and cooperation. These cooperative video games promote teamwork among players, reflecting Finland’s focus on teamwork and shared responsibility.

Many Finnish video games have themes of challenge and competitiveness. A good illustration of this is the well-known card game Pelikortit, which challenges players’ strategic reasoning and decision-making skills as they go through the games. The sports-themed board game Jalkapallo, which involves playing in the thrilling world of football and emphasizes collaboration, planning and tactical brilliance, is another outstanding title. The virtues instilled in Finnish culture are reflected in these games’ entertaining value.

Additionally, the value of individual talent and tenacity is highly valued in Finnish society, and these games perfectly reflect that mentality. They exhort players to improve their skills, hone their tactics and conquer obstacles with tenacity and resiliency. These games perfectly embody the spirit of competitiveness and the desire for greatness, whether outwitting rivals in Pelikortit or perfecting football tactics in Jalkapallo.

You’ll see these games’ influence in online casinos all over the world thanks to their competitive nature and skill-based strategy and gameplay. 

A diverse gaming landscape

The gaming community in Finland is broad, including recreational and competitive players. The number of professional gamers nationwide has increased, and many now participate in big-money international competitions — including games created in Finland. 

The continued growth of esports has made this possible. This industry has given players greater chances to compete against one another on a worldwide scale and display their abilities.

Some of the most well-known game developers in the world, including Supercell and Rovio Entertainment, are based in Finland. These businesses are responsible for some of the most popular mobile games, including Angry Birds and Clash of Clans. 

Mobile games are becoming a huge part of the esports scene, meaning Finland’s very own developers are starting to set the trends and predict the future of competitive gaming. 

The gaming business in Finland has expanded due to its success, generating additional employment and possibilities for ambitious game creators. Finland is swiftly rising to the top of the list of nations for leisure and competitive gaming because of its broad gaming industry.


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