Ex-G2 Esports CEO triples down on Andrew Tate support

By Nicholas James


Dec 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Ex-G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodriguez has tripled down his support of controversial internet personality Andrew Tate, exactly what had him removed from his position in the company in the first place.

In September of this year, then-G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodriguez posted a video to Twitter that showed him celebrating with ex-kickboxer and current red pill podcaster Andrew Tate. Tate has been the subject of internet scrutiny in recent months for his wildly misogynistic rhetoric and unapologetic attitude.

After backlash from the esports community, Rodriguez was initially placed on eight weeks of unpaid leave before later being removed from his position as CEO. Despite losing G2, Rodriguez has recently reaffirmed his support for Tate, drawing more backlash and likely cementing his long-term absence from esports.

Ex-G2 CEO Carlos Rodriguez makes Tate support known again

After Discord messages were published showing Rodriguez emphatically supporting Andrew Tate — saying that he was one of the best people he’d ever met and that he supported Tate’s actions in the media — the ex-CEO doubled down yet again.

In a retweet of a screenshot of the aforementioned Discord messages, Rodriguez brushed off the criticism and tripled down on his position in support of Tate. Making sure there was no room for misinterpretation, he even tagged Tate’s Twitter account.


This seems to cement that Rodriguez likely won’t be making a return to being the face of any esports venture in anything approximating the near future. The esports community has largely placed itself at odds with Tate’s misogynistic rhetoric, hence the intense public backlash to Rodriguez’s first interactions in support of Tate.

Ultimately, it seems like the ex-G2 CEO has accepted that he likely won’t be returning as the face of an esports organization any time soon.

Given his entire lack of involvement with esports since his departure from G2 Esports, this move is likely to result in little more than more public backlash over Rodriguez’s behavior.